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Emotional Intelligence

Evolutionists have found in their studies, that emotions in living beings are there for a reason: their survival and the survival of their species. If someone offers me a yellow rose (that I love so much :p ) I will probably feel flattered and happy, and if they keep on offering me roses I may start really liking them, which may evolve toward dating them, falling in love and perhaps getting married and having babies. Scientifically it means, our Human species is being continued. If someone comes close to me to attack me, I feel fear. This feeling of fear (that has started as an emotion) makes me choose between attacking back or running and telling to the nearest cop. This feeling was there to save my life and so to continue our species. If we didn’t emote we wouldn’t be able to choose. If we didn’t have emotional preferences (like or dislike) we wouldn’t be able to choose between a green dress or a pink one, for example.

Emotional Intelligence is an add to leadership that has shown to be very efficient, effective and caring. People with this type of knowledge or genetic predisposition, can use it for good = constructive purposes or for bad = destructive purposes. You have to choose how you are going to use it, but I suggest, encourage and motivate you to use for goodness and constructive purposes…

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