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Fumi’s Advice

If you know me a little, you know that one of my best friends in life is Fumi, a Japanese gorgeous girl. She’s so  wise. I love her dearly and she has a calming effect on me. I get along with calm and centered people easily. Also, they make me feel I can trust them, which is a great start for a great friendship. I do not handle that well mistrust and it makes me feel distressed. We meet each other at times and speak about a lot of different things. Last time we were together I told her that sometimes writing can be frustrating. She was so sweet, I’ll try bringing to you our short dialogue about this subject below, read along:

– Sometimes writing can be frustrating…

– Oh, why?

– Cause it’s a lot of work, I know some people enjoy reading me, and think I think logically about a lot of different subjects but they don’t say it or say any nice words about it. I like nice words you know that…

– Mmm, yes I know, but writers always have difficult path, important writers, real writers never have it easy.

– Yes, sometimes I think if people really do like it or I’m just wasting my time.

– Waste time? No, you write very well! I could not do it!

– You think? Thank you, you’re so sweet! So why people just don’t say it?

– Mmm, one day someone will tell his friend “oh you know I read this book and I like it, give it a try” and then it will all change. People like writers, but they don’t mention them much, don’t worry.

– Why don’t they do it now?

– Mmm, maybe they do you just don’t know. Writers walk a long walk, not immediate.

– Yes, that’s true! I know some people like my ideas, cause they paraphrase them, but I find it so odd they never mention me, seems they don’t like me, I don’t know…

– Maybe they like you, they are just not so giving as you. Why you care?

– Cause it’s my work, I love it but it’s a lot of work and then they don’t even acknowledge it. How do you handle people who mistreat you?

– When people mistreat you and take from you, they know they did that, it’s not your business is it?

– To some extent it is!

– No, it’s their business, they know they mistreated you, you let go. You do your best. Do not mistreat them back, and it’s not your business. You mind your own business. Not your problem what they think and do, but theirs.

– How do I go about and fix it?

– No fixing. No need. You did not do anything wrong. They did. They know what they do. Mmm, imagine this I share something you say, very beautiful many people clap but then I cannot continue cause it’s not mine. It doesn’t match my life, my message, nothing just words I say for claps. Then, I have nothing more to say, I have to wait for you again to say something, so that I have something to say. Not good. Your message matches you, your message doesn’t match them. No worry. You did nothing wrong, you mind your own business, apparently they mind your business too (laughs). Just write. Don’t worry.

– When I mistreat someone I feel bad, like my heart starts shrinking. I don’t understand how they feel well when they do it to me or anyone else… So confusing!

– Yes, but it’s their business. You not gonna fix it. Let them go. If they don’t feel bad when they do bad to someone that’s not good for them. Mind your business my friend!

– I always get the feeling with their actions they want to fight with me, I’m not a fighter, I’ve said many times, I don’t understand their insistence. I find it rude. It’s like they want me to behave in a different way.

– Why fight? Fight for what? They write too?

– No. Personal competition, they poke me for a long time, I find it annoying. There’s people who love to compete over everything, they should go bother them, not me.

– If you don’t fight there can’t be a fight. I would avoid those people. They act like crazy people. It is not you ok? Normal people don’t go out of their way to bother others, maybe they have nothing else to do. Don’t change because of them, forget about them. Care only about you. You know crazy and mean people harm the world. You are here to help healing it. They know they are mean to you, that’s why they want you to fight back. They poke to provoke you. Ignore them, do your own thing. Don’t give them what they want..

– What’s that?

– The fight. You are not a fighter, don’t fight. Keep being yourself.

– Wow, I’ve never seen it that way before. Yes that’s true! Love you Fumi!

– I love you too, keep writing!

I have never thought before that when someone mistreats us, it is truly not our problem. Seeing it from the outside I mean, I have never done anything wrong to none of these people who steal from me. I can assure you I do not trust them a  bit. You know what they say “Whoever steals from you a little will then steal from you way more at the right opportunity”. But truly it’s not my problem.  I choose wisely who I follow and look up to. I found many lessons that I will keep for now to myself. We have to mind our business and not hurt people back. And let those who have hurt you and continuously try to, deal with their own inner pain. “Hurt people hurt people” Normal people respect others and their work, we don’t have to condone those who don’t but we don’t have to worry about them either. Normal people are good to each others, I believe. Thanks Fumi!

Happy Wednesday!


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