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God Does Not Play Dice

One of Einstein’s most famous quotes is: “And I am convinced at all events, God does not play dice”. This quote, thanks to its philosophical richness has sparked the brains of many physicists and also philosophers in trying to understand what he in fact meant by it. If on one hand, we know that physicists are concerned with finding out the laws of nature and describing everything that exists with them, we also know on another hand that chance may exist in this world not specifically obeying to any particular law.

Is this possible?

For an event to be following specific laws and at the same time occurring by chance?

They are both exclusive, meaning they do not have a common ground for us to play with. If you say an event obeys to nature laws that means it has not happened by chance and if you say that some type of event has happened by chance then it did not follow nature’s laws or rules.

I’m mostly an Einsteinian than any other scientist, oh yeah Saganian as well, and like Einstein I do think God doesn’t play dice. In physics we have proven the law of cause – effect, that states for every action (cause) there is a reaction (effect). But does this Newtonian way of seeing life and the world apply to quantum physics? Perhaps it does, just not in the same way. Perhaps it doesn’t and we are left wondering…

My book about these subjects is available to pre order HERE! It will discuss in a nice way many subjects that include classic and modern physics. The best is that you can always apply these concepts into your life. I am a true believer that physics can teach us how to think and knowing how to logically think then we can apply that thinking to anything else we’d like. “God doesn’t play dice.” I don’t either… What about you?

Happy Tuesday!


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