Vanessa Daily


I’ve been disappointed for some time at few things and it’s time to let them out. Mainly I’ve been disappointed at idols. I’ve always had idols in life, some of the most important ones that made me choose for a specific academic path have been Einstein and Carl Sagan. Unfortunately they have always been long gone. Idols have the capacity of making me dream, of making me feel understood. They ignite my ambition. For some time Ive been trying to find an idol for my life. There are men I admire and women I admire. I decided to follow them on social media and show them my support posting after them. Now the thing is I’m highly energetic in communication. I always have a lot to say. So I’m unsure if my red personality in communication and social media has made them feel bad. The issues are that, when I’ve shown support to women, they all act in the same way, they start taking my wording and ideas and start making posts as if they need to show me they’re above me. I know my place. It has never been my intention to challenge anyone, but share my own self and learn from them. I love learning. Ok I said, I’ll go my way and choose a male idol. Oh man it’s even worse. Cause then they act as if you are hitting on them and start playing you and few other females and then you stop and think? Huh? I’m here to write and speak, to work on interesting projects, how come this person is putting me in the same bag as women who want gifts to feel loved, who want to flirt, who are seeking for a husband or a one night stand? Look at my feed? Does it look like to you im hitting on someone? Nobody here has ever seen me hitting on someone, I’m very blunt, believe it. So, we are left without idols. Men play us, women walk over us. It’s such a disappointment. I love having idols, I feel somewhat desolated. I never thought some of my idols would be the ones to bring me down. Steal my ideas and wordings and treat me as if I’m a peasant. We survive past it and keep going. I know, however, a big breakthrough is coming out of all of this.  Until then…….. I wished I knew of someone to look up to that wouldn’t take advantage of me or try to play me. I will. I know. I hope I can become an idol one day to aspiring writers and I promise to never treat them in any of these ways. Idols are needed in this world. It’s time to become great idols for the future generations and act like they matter.


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